As one of the few local brokerages with an international team of bankers, Vietcap has built a number of strong relationships with large local and foreign institutional investors and financial institutions over the years. Vietcap 's research calls on PET, DPM, DXG, BCI & HPG - each of whcih has performed extraordinarily well, since the relevant buy or sell recommendations was put out is helping prove how deeply the firm understands the rising star of tomorrow in Vietnam, the next frontier in ASEAN's capital market. Last but not least, Vietcap has been able to time the bottom of the index and stand by the issues it led to the market such as the notable Mobile World and Masan Group equity offerings, generating fair returns for not only the issuer but institutional investors who bought into the listing and saw the value of their holding rise on the first day of trading, due to 2.5x oversubscription as well as excess demand pushing the prices further north.