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The Vietnam economy posting a growth of 6.7%, a record high in the past 5 years, exceeding the set target and forecasts, the stable macroeconomy and Vietnam’s integrating more and more into the world economy provided the grounds for many M&As and capital issues to fulfill the set targets for 2015, in which there were a great amount of deals consulted by Vietcap team. Aside from holding the leading position in providing M&A consultancy service for the food and essential consumer goods industries (the “spotlight” of this kind of this service in Vietnam so far), in 2015, we took initiatives and succeeded in the “emerging” and cyclic areas, i.e. agriculture, real estate and distribution, on the back of facilitated bank loan flows and Vietnam’s integration into the world market accelerated by the Government.

Vietcap have been receiving awards Best Investment Bank and Best ECM House from FinanceAsia since 2011.