Notice of adjustment of initial margin ratio for derivatives trading

Vietcap News

According to VSD’s Official Letter number 12820/VSD_TTBT.NV dated 12 December 2022, Vietcap would like to inform the adjustment of initial margin ratio for VN30 Index Futures Contract as below:

Effective date: from 15 December 2022 till further notice

  /campaigns/org772378793/sitesapi/files/images/772378594/h_0000_Shape_2.png Note of warning ratio in Vietcap :


/campaigns/org772378793/sitesapi/files/images/772378594/h_0000_Shape_2.png For the client holding positions up to end of 14/12/2022, please kindly deposit additional margin asset to ensure the maximum CU ratio 85%

 If any queries, please kindly contact your trader or Hotline (84) 28 – 39143588 (Ext 205)

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