• Address: No 10 Tân Trao, Tân Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC Telephone: (84-8) 5415 5555 Fax: (84-8) 5416 122

2.Core businesses: processing, manufacturing, and trading of fresh milk, powder milk, UHT milk, nutritious flour, soy milk, beverage and other products from milk; farming, feeding…v.v.

3.Charter capital: VND 14,514,534,290,000

4.Total shares offered: 130,630,500 common shares; Total par value: VND 1,306,305,000,000 , equivalent to 9% Vinamilk’s Chartered Capital)

5.Conditions to participate: all investors satisfied the conditions to invest as described at the Regulations on Competitive Offering issued by SCIC with respect to this transaction (Regulations).

6.Financial Advisors: consortium advisors include: Morgan Stanley Asia (Singapore) Limited, Saigon Securities Incorporation, and VinaCapital Corporate Finance Vietnam Limited.

7.Competitive Offering Organizer: the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE)

8.Information of the Competitive Offering:

  • Total shares offered:130,630,500 shares
  • Initial price: VND 144,000 / share
  • Type of share offered:Common shares
  • Incremental bid:VND 100 -Par: VND 10,000
  • Incremental volume:10 shares
  • Minimum volume individual, institution investor can register: 20,000 shares (to meet the requirements of put through trading regulated by HOSE)
  • Maximum volume individual, institution investor can register: 39,189,150 shares (2.7% of Vinamilk’s Chartered Capital)
  • Deposit: 10% of value of the number of shares each investor registers at initial price.

9.Public Announcement:

Public announcement starts from 28/11/2016 on the Vietnam Investment Review, Saigon Giai Phong Newspaper, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Reuters and websites of SCIC, SSI, HOSE, Vinamilk and Agents for Registration.

Investors participating in the Competitive Offering can obtain the Information Memorandum, Regulations on Competitive Offering and other related documents on the following website: www.scic.vn, www.hsx.vn, www.vinamilk.com.vn and website of Agents for Registration.

10.Timing and venues for registration: from 28 Nov 2016 to 16h00 on 9 Dec 2016 at Agents for Registration (list of Agents for Registration is public on websites of SCIC, SSI, HOSE and Vinamilk)

  • Time of deposit: from 28 Nov 2016 to 16h00 on 9 Dec 2016 (details specified under the Regulations on Competitive Offering).
  • Investor receives Registration Form at Agents for Registration or download from websites listed above.
  • Investor receives Bidding Form at the Agent for Registration where it submitted its Registration Form (details under the Regulations on Competitive Offering).

11.Time and venue to submit the bidding form: 

  • At the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange - 16 Vo Van Kiet, District 1, HCMC
  • Time: from 09h00 on 12 Dec 2016 to 14h00 on 12 Dec 2016

12.Time and venue for the Competitive Offering:

  • At the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange - 16 Vo Van Kiet, District 1, HCMC
  • Time: 14h30 on 12 Dec 2016

13.Time for payment and execution of the transaction: from 12 Dec 2016 to 21 Dec 2016

14.Time for deposit return: as specified under the Regulations on Competitive Offering.

20161128_02 - REGISTRATION FORM for foreign investors.docx
20161128_03 - THAY ĐỔI ĐƠN - Amend the registration.docx
20161128_04 - HỦY ĐĂNG KÝ - Cancel the registration.docx
20161128_05 - CẤP LẠI PHIẾU THAM DỰ - Reissuing Bidding Form.doc
20161128_06A - ỦY QUYỀN (TRONG NƯỚC).doc
20161128_06C - POA (for trading representative).doc
20161128_06B - POA apply (for foreign investors).doc
20161128_07 - PHIẾU THAM DỰ - BIDDING FORM.doc
20161128_08 - HỢP ĐỒNG CHUYỂN NHƯỢNG - Shares Transfer Contract.docx
9. Investment Guide (according to the Regulations).pdf
10. Guidance to investor_eng.pdf
Form 16A/VSD
List of agents for the competitive offering and corresponding deposit accounts
Slide presentation Vinamilk.pdf