• Adress: 8th, 9th Floor, Vietnam Petroleum Institute Building, Trung Kinh, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Tel: (024) 22210 288Fax: (024) 22210 388

2.Main business areas: Power production, transmission and distribution

3.Charter capital: VND 23,418,716,000,000 In which:

  • State-owned shares: 1,194,354,516 shares (equivalent to 51% of charter capital)
  • Employees’ shares: 2,757,400 shares (equivalent to 0.118% of charter capital)
  • IPO’s shares: 468,374,320 shares (equivalent to 20% of charter capital)
  • Strategic investors’ shares: 676,385,364 shares (equivalent to 28.882% of charter capital)

4.Total shares for IPO: 468,374,320 shares (equivalent to 20% of charter capital)

5.Eligibility requirements for participation in the auction: All investors satisfy the specified eligibility requirements in the Regulation on auctioning shares for IPO of PVPower, issued by Ha Noi Stock Exchange.

6.Name and address of the auction organizer: Ha Noi Stock Exchange Address: 02 Phan Chu Trinh street, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi.

7.Offered share to the public through the auction

Type of offered shares

Common share

Minimum bid price

VND 14,400/ share

Par value

VND 10,000

Total shares offered 468,374,320 shares
Incremental bid price VND 100
Deposit’s proportion 10% of value of shares’ quantity that each investor registers at initial price

8.Providing application form to auction participants, Disclosure information, Deposit payment:

  • Account number: 1221 0000 634896
  • Of: Viet Capital Securities JSC - Ha Noi Branch
  • At: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam – Ha Thanh Branch
  • Content: Nam of the investor – ID- auction deposit payment – The Company Name
Content Time Location
Providing application form, registration and money deposits:

From 08h30 on 25/12/2017 To 15h30 on 24/01/2018

At Vietcap

Submission of auction bidding slips

No later than 16h00 on 29/01/2018

At auction agencies

Organizing the auction

08h30 on 31/01/2018

At HaNoi Stock Exchange

Payment of shares

From 01/02/2018 To 10/02/2018

At Vietcap

Repayment of money deposits to unsuccessful bidders

From 02/02/2018 To 07/02/2018

At Vietcap

Attach files:
Quy che dau gia co phan
1364_QD phe duyet GTDN PVN_Bo Cong thuong_20.4.2017
1977-QD Phe duyet PA CPH PV Power
BCTC 2015 Eng PVPowr Consolidated
BCTC 2015 Hop nhat
BCTC 2015 rieng
BCTC 2016 Eng PVPower Consolidated
BCTC 2016 Eng PVPower Single
BCTC 2016 hop nhat
BCTC 2016 rieng
BCTC 2017 6 thang Hop nhat
BCTC 2017 6 thang rieng
BCTC 2017 9 thang Hop nhat
BCTC 2017 9 thang rieng 
CBTT - PV Power (VN)
Dieu le du thao CTCP - PVPower
Don dang ky dau gia IPO
Phuong an co phan hoa PVPower
PVPower IPO Auction Instruction Guide for Foreign Investors
Annoucement of public offering PVPower
Prospectus PV Power