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VCSC Daily - VHM and VIC lead VN-Index to highest level in 18 weeks - HPG, PVD, PVT, REE

The VN-Index hit an 18-week high as it increased seven tenths of a percent on Thursday. Vingroup stocks continued their strong week. VHM (+2.0%) and VIC (+1.0%) both gained and are up 3.5% and 6.2%, respectively, so far this week. HPG (+3.9%) surged and has increased almost 9% this week. It was a mixed day for banks. VCB (+1.0%) and BID (+2.2%) rose; However, VPB (-1.6%), MBB (-0.9%) and STB (-1.3%) were among the top 10 contributing decliners. PNJ (+2.0%) has risen nearly 8%