VCSC Daily - Stocks plunge amid indiscriminate selling of banks and others - HPG, QNS, SAB, FRT, NVL, CTD, DPM, HT1, MBB, SCS, VCB, VPB, BID, CTG, HDB, NLG, PNJ, SSI, TPB

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HPG: Q1 2018 results show growth momentum maintained. HPG announced that its Q1 2018 revenue rose 25% vs Q1 2017 to VND13.0tn (USD573mn) while PAT grew 14% to VND2.2tn (USD96.9mn). This result is in-line with our forecasts as it meets 23% of our full-year 2018 earnings expectation of VN9.4tn (USD413mn, +17%).