VCSC Daily - Both markets continue to fall back – Update on CII – Primary bond market – Balance of payment to record a USD3bn surplus

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Despite the holiday spirit, Vietnam indices were unable to find the motivation to bounce back. The HSX dropped for the fifth consecutive day, while it was the second day of seeing red in Hanoi. The HNX Index hit a new all time low, while the VNIndex is slipping towards its record low set in 2009. The VNIndex contracted 1.86 points to close at 375.3 (-0.49%), the lowest since May 2009 on closing basis, with laggards outstripping advancers at ratio 147:84, of which 60 went limit-down. MSN and VPL together removed 1.97 points from the index. The HNXIndex lost 0.37 points to 61.36 (-0.6%) with 149 laggards and 66 advancers, of which 58 went limit-down.