1. The company information: 

- The owner: The State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC)

- The issuer : Vinacontrol Group

- Address: 54 Tran Nhan Tong, Nguyen Du, Hai Ba Trung, Ha Noi

- Company instruction: Assessment….

- Charter capital: 104,999,550,000 VND

- Name and address of the auctioneer: HanoiStock Exchange – 02 Phan Chu Trinh, Trang Tien, HoanKiem, Hanoi.

- Time of auction: 09h00 15/01/2024

Type of shares offered

Ordinary shares

Par value

10,000 VND/share

Initial price

171,675,000,000 VND/lot

Incremental bid price

1,000,000 VND/lot

Total shares offered

Lot of shares included 3,150,000 shares

Number of shares registered 

Investors must register and order the entire lot of shares offered for sale

Maximum offering shares to foreign investors


Deposit’s proportion

10% of value of shares’ quantity that each investor registers at initial price   


 2. Providing application form to auction participants, Submission bidding slips:





Providing application form and deposit

8h00 13/12/2023 – before 15h30 05/01/2024


Submission of bidding slips

Before 16h00



Payment of shares

8h00 15/01/2024 – before 16h00 22/01/2024


Refund deposit to unsuccessful bidders

15/01/2024 – 22/01/2024



Deposit payment: 

Beneficiary : State Capital and Investment Corporation - Co., Ltd

Account Number: 0011002550088 

At : Vietcombank 

 Content: Name of the investor – ID- auction deposit payment – 3,150,000 shares of SCIC at Vinacontrol Group Joint Stock Company

Ex: Emilio A11278796 auction deposit payment 3,150,000 shares of SCIC at Vinacontrol Group Joint Stock Company 

1.1 Quy che dau gia Vinacontrol.EN.pdf

1.Thong bao ban dau gia cp VNC so SCIC so huu .EN.pdf

2.Ban Cong bo thong tin chuyen nhuong von.EN.pdf

3.Quyet dinh so 1001 QD-TTg.EN.pdf

4.CV3807.VPCP.DMDN gia han quyet dinh 1001.EN.pdf

5.CV 990 UBQLV ban von nha nuoc theo QD 1001.EN.PDF

6.Nghi quyet 220 Phe duyet phuong thuc ban ca lo cp CTCP Tap doan Vinacontrol.EN.pdf

7.Quyet dinh 287 phe duyet Phuong an ban von VNC.EN.pdf

8.Giay Chung nhan so huu co phan.EN.pdf

9.Giay Chung nhan DKDN Vinacontrol.EN.pdf

10.Dieu le CTCP Tap doan Vinacontrol.EN.pdf

11.1 BCTC tong hop kiem toan 2021.EN.pdf

11.2 BCTC hop nhat kiem toan 2021.EN.pdf

11.3 BCTC tong hop da kiem toan 2022.EN.pdf

11.4 BCTC hop nhat kiem toan 2022.EN.pdf

11.5 BCTC tong hop Quy III.2023.EN.pdf

11.6 BCTC hop nhat Quy III.2023.EN.pdf

12. Phu luc danh sach dai ly.EN.pdf

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