Intelligent Investment: Vietcap’s Retail Brokerage Department can support you in navigating Vietnam’s stock market

Vietcap always puts clients’ interests first. Our exceptional brokerage team is committed to providing professional guidance, ensuring optimal investment decisions that align with your anticipated returns while effectively managing risk according to your unique personal circumstances.

Financial Products

We specialize in consulting and providing financial solutions to individual and institutional clients, empowering our clients to prosper.

Our brokerage team consists of skilled and well-trained brokers who can guide you with sound investment advice and help you with your transactions.
We conduct thorough analysis of the financial health of issuers before selecting bonds for our portfolio, which ensures that we only offer the best products to our clients. Our portfolio is diverse and designed to meet all of our clients' investment needs.
Futures trading
Our team provides clients with tailored advice on trading and hedging strategies at a competitive fee.
Covered warrants
Covered warrants allow clients to invest in their favorite stocks, even with a small amount of capital.
Vietcap Trading
Our trading platform is built on the core values of transparency, efficiency and usability. It aims to provide investors with the tools to make the best investing and financial planning decisions that will shape their future. Functionalities include real-time and high frequency trading, fast execution, automated margin lending, conditional orders, cash transfer, portfolio monitoring, and financial analysis. Accessible via desktop (Vietcap Pro), website, and mobile app.